This is a brief presentation of the Covid-19 related Relief Activities conducted by Helping Hands Charitable Trust from March 2020 to March 2021, with the help of contributions made by concerned citizens and organisations and the joint efforts of supporters, volunteers and partners. The relief provided through these solidarity efforts has reached those affected by the economic crisis following the lockdown, migrant workers, urban poor communities, marginalised and vulnerable populations across the country, including those doubly affected by natural disaster events. We have distributed food rations, cooked meals, nutritious food, set up community kitchens, provided sanitary napkins, water, hygiene products and other essentials, and also helped with transport, rescues and rehabilitation. Medical relief through supplies, medicines, treatment and protective gear for frontliners, police personnel and health care workers. Read the report here and join our efforts in the disastrous second wave, which require doubling of our efforts.

Read full report here

The second wave of the pandemic has once again caught India unawares, unprepared, with many mutants affecting even the youth and children. There is a serious shortage of medical resources, with doctors and nurses working overtime, ICU beds with oxygen and ventilators being unavailable due to increased hospital loads, shortage of oxygen concentrators and cylinders, poor access to medicines, medical supplies and protective gear, in a stressed out and overworked health care system. Meanwhile, with lockdown being imposed as an easy solution, the economic crisis from which people were yet to recover, continues unabated. Except the situation is worse than we have ever seen before..

HHCT is hence continuing the relief activities in the second wave from April 2021. We need your support now more than ever. Please join us in our efforts by contributing to our fundraisers on and Give India, organizing supplies, volunteering, sharing, spreading the word. Thank you, stay safe.

Our Give India Fund Raiser for medical supplies like oxygen concentrators and cylinders, protective gear, medical treatment etc.

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Our Ketto fundraiser for rations and other relief materials for the urban poor

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